His Sexual Partner’s Jonathan Lewis


Jonathan Lewis is thirty-eight years old and is an MP – a Member of Parliament – with a constituency in his home county of Essex in the east of England. He was one of the youngest MP’s ever elected to Parliament, one of the youngest Junior Minister’s ever appointed and it is his life’s ambition to become Prime Minister.

When His Sexual Partner opens, Jonathan is attending a cancer charity fundraising event at a hotel in Essex. His interest in the charity comes from his own struggle with testicular cancer. Despite being seriously ill, he managed to hold a constituency surgery once a month, except for when he was in hospital. He had one testicle removed and he now has a prosthesis – a false testicle – and when he was deemed well enough, he ran the London Marathon to raise money for the charity.

Jonathan is an only child. His parents, Michael and Margaret Lewis met when they were eighteen years old and they both have extremely high sex drives. Jonathan has inherited their constant need for sex and now he is well again, he needs to satisfy that need.

Jonathan first meets bookshop owner Lesley Strickland at the cancer charity event. She survived breast cancer and he can’t help but admire her large and perfect new breasts. His mother advises him to try her out and with some help from the event organiser, it is arranged that Lesley is late arriving at the hotel, misses the dinner and speeches and is encouraged to buy herself a drink and have a breath of fresh air. Lesley buys a glass of wine and all but makes a beeline for Jonathan who is sitting waiting for her on a bench in the hotel gardens.

Jonathan and Lesley get talking about their cancer experiences and she admits she hasn’t had sex for almost three years. Jonathan tells he will sleep with her, hoping that her primal need for sex after so long will rule her head. It does, and they agree to spend one night together.

Jonathan and Lesley have amazing one night stand sex in his hotel room. In the morning, he receives a message calling him back to London and, despite their agreement, he leaves Lesley a note asking her to call him. In London, he is appointed Home Secretary by the Prime Minister. It is a stressful position with huge responsibilities and it also means he will need to keep his sex life under strict control. He must find someone to satisfy his huge sex drive – someone discreet – someone he can call upon for sex at any time. Could that person be Lesley?

Discovering that Lesley spends her weekends in Essex, in a cottage just up the road from his parents’ home, Jonathan puts a proposition to her – that she become his sexual partner. She asks for time to consider it, and he agrees.

Unknown to Jonathan, his mother recorded his night with Lesley in the hotel room. Margaret Lewis can’t allow Lesley to turn Jonathan down and risk the future Prime Minister satisfying his need for sex with casual fucks with women who might sell their stories to the tabloid press. Jonathan wants Lesley. He needs Lesley. He will have Lesley. So Margaret Lewis uses the sex recording to blackmail Lesley into becoming her son’s sexual partner.

Does Jonathan discover what his mother has done? Will his sexual partnership with Lesley develop into something more? Read His Sexual Partner to find out!

One night of passion. A lifetime of regret. Or can a relationship built on blackmail turn to love?

At a charity fundraising event, Lesley Strickland meets Jonathan Lewis – a fellow cancer survivor – and they spend the night together. When Lesley discovers Jonathan is a politician, she never wants to see him again, despite a deepening sexual attraction. But Jonathan can’t forget her. Only Lesley can satisfy him, and he has a discreet proposition for her – that she become his sexual partner.

Lesley asks for time to consider it, but Jonathan’s mother intervenes and blackmails her, threatening to reveal a secret which could ruin Lesley’s reputation and business. Lesley is forced to accept Jonathan’s proposition and all it entails – being at the new British Home Secretary’s beck and call whenever he needs her – as his sexual partner…

An Excerpt From Chapter Two

At ten past nine, there was a knock at the front door and she opened it. Jonathan stood on the step a little out of breath and she brought him inside.

“Is your protection officer out there? Would you or he like a hot drink? I have—”

She didn’t get any further as he kissed her. His hands slid down her back, he clawed her buttocks and pulled her against him. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her stomach and a buzz of excitement and nerves pulsed through her.

“Where’s your bedroom?” he asked, breaking off the kiss.

Taking his hand, she led him up the stairs, and into her bedroom at the back of the cottage. She turned the light on and he walked her backwards to the bed, sliding her skirt up then pulling her panties down. They fell to the floor, she stepped out of them and undid his trousers. His erection sprang out as she sat on the bed and lifted herself back a bit further, watching as he rolled on a condom and climbed over her.

He sank his cock straight into her and began to pound her pussy. She’d never been fucked like this before—deep, hard and unrelenting—his huge cock stretching her dry pussy painfully. His eyes were closed and the only sounds were his balls slapping against her buttocks. She closed her own eyes, attempting to block out the throbbing, but—shit—not only could she feel him coming, he was making her come, too. How the fuck was that possible? He cursed and groaned loudly as he climaxed and she was lost, clawing his buttocks with her fingernails and allowing herself to carried away by wave after blissful wave.

When he withdrew from her, he lay on his back beside her for a few moments to catch his breath.

“Shit,” he whispered eventually as she quickly slid off the bed and rubbed herself before picking her panties up and putting them on. Christ, what was wrong with her that she allowed this man to fuck her and hurt her and yet she had come for him like a bitch in heat. “Please say something,” he added.

“You can go now, Jonathan,” she said. “You’ve got what you came here for. Maybe the next time you’re tired and stressed out after a long week in the Home Office, you could buy some stress balls instead of fucking me. My poor pussy will be very grateful.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Are you?” she demanded. “You didn’t even have the courtesy to look at me. You just wanted pussy and mine just happened to be convenient. You’ve just made me feel cheap, so could you go now, please?”



He got up off the bed and left the room. She heard him go into the bathroom, the toilet flushed and he ran down the stairs. A couple of moments later, the front door opened and closed.

She went to the bed and sat down on the edge. He hadn’t even attempted to get at her ‘amazing tits’, he’d just wanted his huge cock in a pussy—any pussy. Hers throbbed with an exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain and she rubbed at it again before bursting into tears.

* * *

By morning, the pain had dulled to an ache. She made herself a mug of coffee and decided to drink it in the garden. Opening the back door, she looked down. On the step was a bouquet of red roses with an envelope tucked into the cellophane wrapping. She brought the flowers inside, undid the wrapping, and opened the envelope.

Lesley, I’m sorry. I used you, I hurt you and I made you feel cheap. There is no excuse for the way I treated you. It was unforgivable and I am deeply ashamed of my behaviour. I’ve never done anything like that before so, after surgery in the morning, I’m going back to London and I hope that you will be able to enjoy the rest of your weekend at the cottage knowing that I’m gone.


She lifted a vase out of a cupboard, filled it three-quarters full with water and placed the roses in it. She left the vase on the kitchen table and went outside with her coffee. She walked to the far end of the front garden and peered up the road at his parents’ cottage. There was only one car parked outside, a red hatchback of some sort. Jonathan’s black Lexus wasn’t there.

She returned to the cottage and picked up her smartphone from the kitchen table. Scrolling down to his number, she rang it. The call went straight to voicemail.

“Jonathan, it’s Lesley. I hope you get this message before you go back to London. I just wanted to thank you for the roses and your note. Yes, you hurt me, I’ve never had sex with no foreplay with someone as big as you before, so it was painful and I still ache now. I don’t make a habit of having one night stands and casual sex either, so if you’re feeling worried and a bit scared at your behaviour, then, so am I. Since being ill, I’ve learned not to leave things with people on a sour note, so please come to the cottage before you go back to London and we’ll try and…” She tailed off. Try what? “Talk about this.” She ended on an unintentionally feeble note and ended the call. “Bollocks,” she whispered.

She spent the morning pottering about in the back garden, enjoying the fresh air. About to go inside to make herself some lunch, she heard someone calling her name, and walked around the side of the cottage. Mrs Lewis was at the front door.

“I’m sorry, my dear, I didn’t realise you were out the back. I’ve made vegetable soup, far too much as usual, and I just wanted to invite you to share it with us.”

“That’s very kind, but—”

“No buts.” The older woman held up a hand. “It’s delicious, even though I say it myself.”

Lesley smiled. “I’ll just go and wash my hands and I’ll be with you in a few minutes.”

“Good girl.”

Five minutes later, she was walking along the road, when she heard a car approaching behind her. She stepped onto the grass verge to allow it to pass and squirmed when she saw that the driver was Jonathan with his protection officer in the passenger seat. He turned into his parents’ drive and stopped outside the front door. For a moment, she considered running back to the cottage, but how would she later explain it to his mother? She would have to carry on.

Mrs Lewis met her at the front door and introduced her to Jonathan’s father. He was also tall but with grey hair and it was interesting to see what Jonathan would look like in thirty years time.

“Jonathan wanted to go back to London but I’ve persuaded him to stay.” Mrs Lewis smiled and Lesley’s heart thumped uncomfortably as his mother brought her into the living room.

Jonathan was standing in front of the fireplace and turned slowly to face them as they went in. He was dressed immaculately in a black suit with a white shirt and burgundy coloured tie and she wished she’d changed out of the v-necked black T-shirt she’d pulled from her suitcase. Her considerable cleavage was on display and blood began to flood into her face as his dark eyes drank it in.

“Lunch will be about ten minutes,” his mother added. “Why don’t you show Lesley the back garden, Jonathan?”

He nodded, opened the French doors for her, and she went outside. He followed and closed them firmly behind him.

“I got your voicemail message,” he said as they walked onto the lawn. “But I was summoned back here, otherwise I’d have come straight to see you.”

“Point at something,” she told him.


“Your protection officer is looking at us. Point at something.”

“Oh.” He pointed at a rosebush and she gave him an exaggerated nod.

“Can you come to the cottage this afternoon?” she asked. “Or are you really going back to London?”

He turned to her and she saw him look momentarily at her breasts again. “I can come to the cottage.”

“Okay. Do you like gardening?”

“I don’t really know. It’s always been my dad’s department.”

“Lunch is ready,” Mrs Lewis called from the doors and they walked back to the cottage.

She was seated opposite him at the kitchen table, so each time she dared look at him, his eyes were on her breasts. His parents and the protection officer must surely be noticing this, she thought, taking a sip of the delicious soup.

“How long have you been coming to the cottage, Lesley?” Mr Lewis asked.

“Only about three months. I was in Spain for six months and when I came back to London, I discovered that I longed for a bit of privacy.”

“We’re not disturbing that, I hope?” Mrs Lewis smiled.

“No, not at all.”

“Good. Jonathan, pass Lesley one of the rolls.”

He lifted the plate, held it out to her, and she took a brown roll.

“Thank you.”

When they finished the meal, Mrs Lewis tapped Jonathan’s arm. “Why don’t you walk Lesley back to the cottage?”

“Are you ready to go?” he asked and she nodded.

“Thank you for the delicious meal, Mrs Lewis.”

“Not at all. I hope we’ll see you here again soon.”

They walked in silence back to the cottage, with the protection officer following at a discreet distance, and she unlocked the front door.

“Come in.” She brought him into the living room. “Sit down.”

He sat at one end of the black leather sofa and she sat at the other end. Now he was here, she didn’t know where to start.

“Lesley,” he began instead. “I have never done anything like that before and I can’t apologise enough. I’ve…” He tailed off and shook his head. “Last night, I went far too far. I’d had a crap week, I took it out on you, and I despise myself for that. It will never happen again. I never thought I’d ever hurt a woman. I love sex, but I’ve always kept my sex life under control. It’s had to be like that because of my illness and my job, but since meeting you—” He stopped again. “I’m making excuses and there shouldn’t be any. All I can say is that I’m sorry and it will never happen again.”

To her surprise, he got to his feet, as if to leave.

“Are you going back to London?” she asked.


“Do you want to?”

He frowned. “Well, no, but—”

She got up. “Jonathan, listen to me. I love sex, too. I always have. When I was ill, I thought I’d never have sex ever again. I lost my hair and my breasts and I hid every mirror I had because whenever I looked in one I saw a thin, pale, bald, breastless stranger looking back at me. Now I’m well again, my hair has grown back, and I have new breasts, and when you propositioned me at the hotel I accepted you as an experiment. I wanted to see if a man would be repulsed by the way my body—well, my breasts—look now. My mum is very blunt and she told me she hates what she calls my ‘Page Three tits’. That hurt a lot and for a while, I thought I’d gone too far and I considered getting them removed. It was your reaction to them which persuaded me not to. I fell asleep that night with you kissing them and I realised that I might not be the freak I thought I was and that I might just be able to have a proper relationship with a man again.

“If I did meet someone,” she continued. “I intended to take things slowly so when you said that you badly wanted to see me again, I was scared but I found myself feeling flattered by a man for the first time since I became ill. You badly wanted me and I’ve never been fucked like that before. It hurt, but I loved it, too, and now I don’t know what to think. I know I’m rambling, but I asked you here because I need to ask you what it is you want from me? I just don’t know what you want, Jonathan.”

She sat down again and watched as he retook his seat.

“I want you,” he said simply. “But I don’t know how. You don’t like politicians and that’s a pity, but at the same time, I want you to like me—not the Member of Parliament—not the Home Secretary—but me. But I don’t know how that can work.”

“You are an MP and the Home Secretary now. That’s what you are.”

“I’m also a man who has had cancer and has found a woman who has had cancer, too, and understands him and what he’s been through. Will you ever just be able to see that?”

“No. You brought the stress of your job here and took it out on me. I will not put up with that. I’ve always loved sex, but I am not a human stress ball. I am not here for you to fuck away your stress on at the end of a long week.”

“When I’m here most weekends, I’m simply the local MP, I do a surgery and I get force-fed fry ups by my mum to ‘feed me up a bit’.” She couldn’t help but smile. “But, now that I know you’ll be here, too, I’ll go crazy unless I fuck you. I know I have a big cock and that it hurt you but I’ll get you used to it. I need to be inside you. Will you allow me to?”

“To what?” she asked. “Be your weekend fuck buddy?”

“No. My sexual partner.”

Wow. “Well, you’re certainly shattering all the preconceptions about boring, stuffy politicians I had in my head.”

“I love sex. I’ve missed sex. I need sex. And I need to have sex with you.”

“Just me?” she added, wanting it to be absolutely clear.

“Just you,” he confirmed. “I only want you.”

Bloody hell. “How often?”

“Whenever I need you.”

“How would it work?”

“I call you and you come to my apartment.”

“So you can fuck your stress away on me?”

“No,” he replied firmly. “That happened because I hadn’t had enough sex. I need sex regularly and I need it with you.”

“Are you one of those… dominant types?”

He frowned. “Dominant types? You mean a Dom? Bloody hell, no. I just need and have to have regular sex. With you.”

That sounded pretty dominant. She got up and went to the window. “I need to think about it.”

“Yes, of course.” She heard him get to his feet again. “All being well, I will be here next weekend for your answer.”

She watched as he walked across the room and let himself out.

She returned to the sofa and sank down onto it. His sexual partner. A buzz of excitement coursed through her but it was lessened by the lingering dull ache in her pussy. How would it cope with his huge cock? ‘I’ll get you used to it’, he had told her. How? By just pounding it into her time and again until her poor pussy sagged?

She sat on the sofa until she heard a knock at the front door. Opening it, she found Jonathan’s mother on the step.

“May I come in, Lesley?”

“Yes.” She brought her into the living room. “Please sit down.”

“Thank you.” Mrs Lewis sat down on the sofa. “Jonathan has a meeting with his constituency party chairman, then he’s going back to London.”

“I see.”

“He told me that he asked you.”

She shrugged. “Asked me..?”

“To become his sexual partner.” Blood flooded into her face and his mother smiled. “There’s no need to be embarrassed. We have no secrets and I did tell him you’d be more than suitable now you are well again.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I’ve been watching you, Lesley. Ever since you started coming here at weekends. I saw the tablets you’re on through the back door window, and I’ve been into your bookshop in London. With the pink breast cancer ribbons for sale at the till and your magnificent new breasts, it didn’t take me long to put two and two together. I instructed Gerald Bryan to introduce himself to you in the supermarket and encourage you to buy a ticket to the cancer charity fundraiser. On my instruction, Gerald suggested that you get a cab to and from the hotel so you could have a drink and he gave you the number for the worst cab company in Essex. Thanks to Kool Kabs, you arrived at the hotel so late you missed the dinner and the speeches. Gerald was also instructed to advise you to get a glass of wine and take a breath of air in the gardens. You took his advice and you all but made a beeline for Jonathan.”

Lesley’s heart began to pound. “What do you want, Mrs Lewis?”

“I want you to agree to let Jonathan fuck your cunt whenever he needs to.”

She’d never been fucked like this before—deep, hard and unrelenting—his huge cock stretching her dry pussy painfully.

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