Trapped In Paradise by Lizzy Grey

Can Alix escape Paul’s clutches or will she be forever trapped in paradise?

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While working undercover in a London pole dancing club, Detective Constable Alix Barker is drugged and kidnapped by the blonde man who had come to watch her for six nights in a row. Regaining consciousness, Alix finds herself on a remote Caribbean island, owned by the man from the club – drugs baron Paul Blake.

Alix is Paul’s prized possession now and she has been remodelled to suit his requirements with large breast implants and lip augmentation. Alix has everything she could possibly want except her freedom. Can Alix escape Paul’s clutches or will she be forever trapped in paradise? 


An Excerpt From Chapter Three

Alix had been on the island for six weeks when Rosa came to her as she sat with her feet in the swimming pool one morning, struggling to keep her eyes open.

“Mr Blake has confirmed that he is returning to the island today. I need to prepare you for him.”

Alix’s heart sank. “Prepare me?”

“Hair, makeup, clothes. Come with me.”

In her bedroom, Rosa had laid out a black lace dress, a thong, and black high heeled shoes. There was no bra, Alix noticed. She was, seemingly, going to be topless for him, showing him exactly what he had paid for.

She sat meekly, her eyelids drooping, as Rosa re-dyed her hair blonde then did her makeup. That done, she changed into the thong and dress, refusing to look at herself in the mirror.

“Stunning.” Rosa stood back from her. “Look.”

Alix pushed herself to her feet and stared at her reflection. All she could see were her huge breasts, red pouting lips and blonde hair. “I look like a doll,” she murmured.

“It’s how he wanted you, so be grateful for that.”

“Rosa, I’m scared,” she said in a little voice. “I feel even more woozy today.”

“It’s the Valium, Alix, I upped your dose today so that you are obedient and let him use you. It’s just easier all round.”

“What does he like?”

“For you to be exactly the way he wanted you, which you are,” Rosa soothed. “And for you to allow him to use your body, which you will. There is absolutely nothing for you to worry about.”

Alix glanced towards the window as she heard a helicopter approach. “Do I go and meet him, or stay here?” she asked.

“No, go to the living room. He will come to you there.”

She walked unsteadily to the living room and stood in front of the fireplace before having to lean back against it. ‘Let him use you. It’s just easier all round.’ Rosa’s voice echoed around her foggy brain as the door opened.

Paul Blake was dressed in a black suit and white shirt. He closed the door before turning and looking her up and down. She clenched her fists as his pale blue eyes took in her hair, lips and breasts.

“Rosa tells me you are recovered.”


“So, Detective Constable, I hope you like your new self?” She couldn’t reply and fought to stand her ground as he approached her. He tilted her chin up and she was forced to look into his eyes as his lips twitched upwards. “I like you very much. Your breasts and lips are magnificent.” He slowly licked her lips, taking them into his mouth, as if claiming them for himself. His tongue then opened them and explored her mouth, finding her tongue and swirling around it. She gasped as he drew it into his mouth and sucked hard until she was arching her back, breathless and clinging to him. Suddenly, he released her chin, stood back from her and she found herself almost whimpering. “I hope you like my island?”


“I’ve always hated the police,” he went on. “I never ever thought I would have a police officer all to myself, though, one I could model to my own requirements with the huge tits and lips I love so much. You know I brought you here to fuck you, don’t you, Detective Constable?”


“You are on the contraceptive pill?”


“Good. I suppose I may as well tell you now that you are not my only partner.”

She frowned. Didn’t Rosa say that she was? “I also fuck my bodyguard, John. We must do a threesome sometime. Although, I’ll have to be the sandwich, as he won’t want to penetrate a woman. Come.” He held out a hand. “I want to explore those tits I paid for.”

Taking his hand, she allowed him to lead her out of the room, down the hall and into a large and airy bedroom. Letting her hand go, he went into the ensuite bathroom and returned with a tube of lube.

“Strip,” he told her simply.

Carefully, she peeled off the lace dress and laid it on a chair before kicking off her shoes and sliding the thong down her legs and stepping out of it.

He quickly undressed and she saw that his cock was semi-erect. When he took her breasts in his hands and smoothed his thumbs across her nipples, she watched his face and was relieved when he smiled. He began to lap her nipples with his tongue, moving from one to the other, before sucking on them until they were hard. A hand went between her legs and she opened up for him, allowing him to find and start stroking her clit. When she started to moan, he laughed, pulling his hand away and she whimpered aloud.

“On the bed, Detective Constable,” he told her, applying lube to his cock. “And on your back. Legs open. I want to fuck the police.”

She lay on the bed and opened her legs as he crawled up the bed with his cock in his hand. Positioning it at the entrance to her pussy, he let it go and forced it into her. Despite the Valium and lube, it made her groan but he didn’t stop and began to slide in and out of her with a firm and steady rhythm.

“Those are the best breasts money can buy, put in by the best cosmetic surgeon money can buy,” he said conversationally. “In time, you’ll become very proud of them, Alix, because you’ll know they give me great pleasure.”

“Oh, God,” she whispered as he pulled hard on each nipple with his lips. It made her wince and she reached up to cover them but he slapped her hands away.

“Don’t do that. I want to play with and explore those tits as I fuck you.” He gave her an icy smile. “I think you love being fucked, Detective Constable. I think you love being flat on your back with your legs open and a big cock fucking your cunt. Don’t you?”

“Oh, God,” she moaned as he thrust deeper into her.

“I said, ‘Don’t you?’” he added coldly.


“Good. And there were to be no trout pout lips for my police officer. I wanted the best and you got them – great big luscious lips to go around my cock – or maybe John’s, he won’t mind that.”

She stared at him, gasping involuntarily at each thrust, and groaning as he pulled at her nipples again before lapping them with his tongue. “John’s?”

“You’re mine, Alix. You’ll fuck and suck whomever I chose.” He began to pump into her and brought her to a juddering orgasm and grinned. “You came for me first time. Good. You’re mine now, Alix. Remember that.” He pulled out of her and got off the bed. “I think I’ll fuck John now,” he said, walking out of the room.

Alix curled up on the bed, her nipples and pussy throbbing, and furious with herself for coming. Why didn’t he just pimp her out to passing cruise liners? She certainly had the face and body for it now. She slid off the bed and went out into the hall, hearing grunts coming from a bedroom at the far end. She crept unsteadily to the door and crouched down. She peered through the keyhole, hoping she wouldn’t topple over and sucking in a breath as her breasts rubbed against the cold wood. All she could see was a corner of the bed moving up and down so she straightened up, returned to her room, and took a shower.         

About to go into the kitchen for a cold drink, she heard Paul Blake’s voice speaking to Rosa, and waited in the hall.

“…It was like fucking a zombie. She’s far too compliant – she came for me first time, for fuck sake. What happened to keeping her on the Valium for only a few days?”

“I was very much afraid she was going to try and escape,” Rosa told him. “The implants are huge and she hates what’s been done to her, so I’ve kept her docile on a low dose. But today I upped it so she would be obedient for her first time with you. If it was too high a dose, then, I apologise.”

“It was far too high. Keep her on the low dose and I’ll see how she is with that.”

“Yes, Mr Blake.”

“She looks amazing, though, Rosa. I wondered if fourteen hundred CC implants might be too much but she certainly has the body to carry them off. I must get her photographed. Yes, she was a good find. Let’s see how she fucks on a lower dose of Valium.”

Ten minutes later, she was sitting at the breakfast bar with a glass of orange juice when the door from the hall opened and a man wearing black trousers, a white open neck shirt, and a black waistcoat, came in. He was tall, dark-haired, and muscular, and she couldn’t help but stare rudely, trying through her Valium-fogged brain to visualise him naked.

“You must be Alix,” he said with a genuine smile.

There’s no one else here who looks like a sex doll, she thought. “Yes.”

“I’m John Warren, Mr Blake’s bodyguard.” He held out a hand.

And I’m to suck your cock sometime. “Pleased to meet you.” She shook his hand. “Do you stay with Paul twenty-four-seven?”

“I certainly do. And I’m to watch out for you too, now.”

“Why? There’s nowhere for me to go.”

“I know, but there’s always the risk of you being kidnapped.”

“Oh.” She just stopped herself from laughing. “So I can’t go for a walk without you coming along, too?”

“Preferably not, no. Mr Blake values you very highly.”

“Oh. Well, I had planned on going for a swim in the sea for the first time. I haven’t been able to up to now because of my…” She trailed off and saw his dark eyes drop briefly to her breasts before he raised them again and nodded.

“You just tell me when.”

He went to the fridge and poured himself a glass of orange juice and she watched, blinking furiously to keep her eyes open, as he drank it in three gulps. Never mind Paul’s, what would her new lips feel like around his cock? She got off the stool and grabbed the breakfast bar to steady herself.

“I’ll just go and change.” She had a bikini and a swimsuit and both were barely able to cope with her breasts. With a struggle, she put on the bikini, then reached for a blue sarong and wrapped it around her. John was waiting in the hall, wearing a pair of black shorts, a white T-shirt, and a pistol in a holster strapped around his upper body. Was the gun really necessary? “Which beach would you recommend?” she asked, trying not to stare at the gun.

“The north beach. Less of a current there.”

“Okay,” she replied. “Lead the way.” He brought her to the beach nearest the villa and she self-consciously peeled off the sarong, noting again how the bikini bra was barely adequate. God, how she hated these breasts. He sat down and she placed the sarong on the sand beside him. “Are you coming in, too?”

He peered up at her, having to shade his eyes and shook his head. “Jet lag,” he said. “I’ll just sit here and acclimatise.”

She turned and walked unsteadily into the sea. Had her predecessor just kept on walking? Was that how she had drowned? She plunged into the water and began to swim parallel to the shore. Her breasts made it awkward but, she hated to admit it, she was getting used to swimming with them now. She swam up and down a couple of times, then walked slowly out of the water, and sank down onto the sand beside him with a groan.

“Are you all right?” he asked anxiously.

“I’m on Valium to help me adjust to these.” She indicated her breasts. “And to keep me docile. But it exhausts me. I’m not a zombie and usually, I’m very fit.”

“I see.”

“Have you been with Paul long?” she asked. “As his bodyguard, I mean?”

“Two years. We met in a bar and, luckily, he was looking to employ someone. The fact that I was gay, too, was a bonus. He told me he was bi from the start and it doesn’t bother me.” He turned to her with a smile and she forced herself to return one. Why did he have to be gay? “So you needn’t worry, I don’t resent you.”

“Oh. It’s just that Paul mentioned a threesome…”

“Should be interesting.”

“I’ve never done one before,” she added.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”

She gave him a sharp glance. He wouldn’t hurt her? Did that mean Paul would if she wasn’t co-operative enough? “What happened to my predecessor?” she asked. “If you don’t want to tell me, I understand.”

“She tried to swim out to a passing yacht but didn’t make it.”


“Don’t try and escape Alix,” he told her softly. “Not only is it all but impossible, but you wouldn’t like Mr Blake when he’s angry. We’ll be here for a while, so you can talk to me in confidence.”

“How can I talk to you in confidence when you’re Paul’s boyfriend?” she demanded.

“I am not his boyfriend,” he added in the same soft tone. “He is my employer. We just happen to fuck, too. It’s an arrangement we’re both happy with. It would be a lot easier for you if you could just accept that your body is his as well. He spent a fortune on getting you out here and on your surgery.”

“I hate what he’s had done to me,” she whispered. “Look at me. I look like I should be in porn films. From now on, I’m only going to be defined by my tits. You can leave Paul. I can’t. I’m trapped here.”

“You’re a beautiful woman, Alix. And, yes, I can leave Mr Blake, but I don’t want to. I have a lifestyle many people can only dream of. Yes, you’re trapped here, but it’s paradise, and I can think of worse places to be trapped. Rosa treats you well, doesn’t she? Gets you things you ask for?”

“Yes,” she had to admit.

“Good. Well, if you feel you can talk to me, it won’t go any further, I promise. I do know what you’re going through.”

“Do you?” she asked sharply.

“I know it doesn’t really compare with your breasts and lips, but Mr Blake insisted that I get a nose job, my teeth capped, and to keep my body muscular. He’s changed us both to suit him, Alix.”

She glanced at his straight nose, he caught her glance, and both smiled. His teeth were perfect, too. “He’ll keep me blonde, I take it?”

“Yes. All his companions have been…”

“Stereotypes?” she finished.

“Like what you are now,” he told her. “Accept it, Alix. You have no choice.”

She didn’t reply, climbed to her feet and walked into the sea again. She waded up to her breasts, watching as the waves flowed hypnotically over them. Her eyelids drooped and she raised a hand to her forehead. She was exhausted and was going to fall asleep standing up in the sea.

“Alix?” She heard John’s voice. “You okay?” She wasn’t okay. She had to sleep right there and then. She closed her eyes and swayed. “Alix?” She heard splashing behind her and hands caught her as her legs went from under her. “You’re okay, I’ve got you.”

“I’m all woozy,” she murmured.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” She was carried out of the sea, up the beach and into the villa, where he shouted for Rosa. “She almost passed out in the sea,” he explained. “She says she’s on Valium.”

“It’s to keep her docile,” Rosa explained. “We don’t want a repeat of what happened with Maya. Today, I upped the dose so she would be compliant with Mr Blake for their first time together. I may have given her a little too much. Put her on the bed on top of this towel.”

“She could have drowned,” John accused as he laid her down on the bed. “The drugged state she’s in, she shouldn’t be anywhere near water.”

“What’s happened?” She heard Paul’s voice.

“Alix almost passed out in the sea,” John told him. “Too much Valium. She shouldn’t be anywhere near water, it’s far too dangerous, the condition she’s in.”

“Has she been swimming while on the lower dose?” Paul asked.

“Well, she likes sitting on the steps at the shallow end of the pool,” Rosa began awkwardly. “I’ve only seen her attempting to swim in the pool a couple of times.”

“Attempting? Right, take her off the Valium altogether,” Paul told her. “I value her too much and I don’t want her to drown.”

“Yes, Mr Blake,” Rosa replied.

“Thanks for looking out for her, John.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Let her rest now, Mr Blake,” Rosa added. “I’ll keep an eye on her. I’m terribly sorry.”

Feet walked to the door, it closed and Alix drifted.

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